The family

A family story

Let us return to the roots, to the deep and enduring bond with these beautiful lands in the heart of the Tuscan countryside. The main house, a former monastery built in 1600 became a farmhouse in the 1700s and is the home of my ancestors: Several generations of Gemignani have lived their lives here, they were land owners and were assisted by farmers who cultivated their fields for them.

Today we wish to revive it, allowing guests to experience the rural atmosphere, the slow rhythm and the habits of time, when everything was in harmony with nature.

This is where I, Chiara, returned to live with my family: my partner Manuel and our little dog Blondie, my younger sister Benedetta, Roberto and their son Giosuè.
The shy and sweet Mamma Manuela together with her uncle Floriano and his poodle Rocky, her cousin Nicola with his wife Silvia, Francesco and Emma. ​​
We welcome all who wish to share the stories, the flavors, the smells and the traditions that have animated this land and the people that have lived here.

We all returned to Ceppeto 1°, but one person is absent, my father Giosuè, who passed away more than ten years ago. But perhaps it is thanks to him that we are here: his presence in this beloved place is in the air and we all feel him here in the breath of the wind, the rays of the sun and the smell that rises from the fields wet with rain.