The structure

Piantina Ceppeto

The kitchen

Here in front of the large raised fireplace, we gather together just as in times gone by.

The restaurant is open all year for our guests, and by reservation, for those who wish to try excellent Tuscan cuisine, cooked by expert hands with genuine ingredients at 0 km.

At Ceppeto 1° why not choose to celebrate with us, we help to host all manner of events. From wedding ceremonies to birthdays as well as children’s parties. Children can be entertained with a number of interesting educational workshops.

Guests also have the option to use the kitchen facilities if they wish to prepare themselves something to eat or warm baby food and bottles for their children.
The kitchenette includes a stove, pots, kettle, sink and everything else you might need (included in the price).

The stall

These old stables have been brought back to life, making them a comfortable and modern environment, elements have been reinstated to recall its history, like the wall feeder and old farming tools.

The dining room

With a huge fireplace and a wood burning oven from which delicious pizzas emerge, the dining room is a cosy environment to savor the delights of the restaurant. It is also a place to carry out some of the numerous activities organized at Ceppeto for both adults and children. It is a multifunctional room, intended for the enjoyment of local cuisine, but also a place to gather.

All rooms are equipped with heating and air conditioning.


In the heart of the wonderful landscape of Montalbano, Ceppeto 1 allows you to fully experience Tuscan country life: the fields bordered by dry stone walls, the meadows, the smell of the land and flowers, the river stones, a pair of boots left behind outside a door, stacked wood ready for the winter, the haystacks framing the farmhouse. And the animals: the horses of the riding school, the cats that rub against your legs and the happy dogs playing in the farmyard …

Those who stay with us will be able truly savor the traditions of the rural world. All this makes Ceppeto 1 an authentic Tuscan experience!